Preparing for New Designers 2012

Good news everyone - as I'm happy to announce that I'll be going to the New Designers exhition in London to showcase my work on the Isle of Cirrus and The Wolves Within. As such, I have been busy getting things exhibition ready these past few weeks, refining both animations and preparing promotional material such as business cards and art books.

Isle of Cirrus

The Isle of Cirrus received a number of refinements as a whole, improving models and textures in areas such as the roof and chimneys, minor fixes to Volan and additional light wrapping and colour correction to the island.

Art Book
New and updated art book for the Isle of Cirrus, which has been printed by Blurb books (last few refinements did not make it in the printed version).

The Art of Isle of Cirrus v2 by Leo Tsang


We were also asked to prepare a zoetrope sequence for the show. With the island being the central focus of the Isle of Cirrus, I opted to have a looping sequence of the island in flight; so wheels turing, chimney pipe pumping, cloth waving and a cloud or two flying past.

Here is the 24 frame sequence below, watch in full-screen HD for best results!

Isle of Cirrus Zoetrope Sequence from Leo Tsang on Vimeo.

The Wolves Within
With The Wolves Within, it was decided to showcase the project separately between characters and environment in order to best reflect Jolanta's and my areas of work respectively. As such, I've had to edit the animation into something more of a showcase demo as the wolves are no longer present in the environment. Refinments include improved texturing and models to the environment, dynamic effects and some new camera shots.

Business Card
My business card design that I will be using. The idea behind the logo is my initials of 'LT' shaped as a square, where it is uniform in its design it can be viewed upside down and still form the same initials. The verticle lines encourage one to turn the card over, where a QR code is also present on the back.



And finally I'm proud to present my first showreel. I had some fun making this seeing the best of my previous work altogether - it serves as a nice compilation of my time on the course.

My portfolio website is next on the agenda as a temp page is being used for now. Once the site is at a more refined state I'll make a new post to promote it fully.

Otherwise, the New Designers exhition is on July 4-7 as part of the 'Part 2' set of shows. Tickets are still avalible online here.