Character Volan Modelling #01

With the environment taking shape in the background, I've also begun to model the character of Volan, blocking in his overall form while starting to refine details. Its still a work in progress, but is hopefully coming together nicely.

Home/Island Design #04

Update on the home and island as more details continue to be resolved. Of particular note is the balloons and their fastening; the new side 'wings' which can tilt resectively to turn and bank the island, additional props, and the slight mound given to the surface of the island as a whole, raising the house and providing a much more organic feel to the island.

Home/Island Design #03

Just a quick update - things are starting to come together with the major shapes and elements of the island and house. The second ring of balloons not only provide further lift to the island but also help unify the island in its quirky nature.

Details are also being resolved in the background with props such as crates, barrels, lamps and a naval style search light which Volan can potentially use to signal to others.

Otherwise, there's still a way to go with refinements to the home and island, namely the island is feeling a little flat at the moment - so back to work.

Home/Island Design #02

After much feedback, I've revisited the house design to better emphasise and reflect the quirky nature of the island as a whole. It may still require some finer tinkering, but I feel much more confident with this current design, where more ideas and details continue to be resolved as I've taken the design into 3D.

I am currently continuing to resolve the model of the house as well as turning my attention to the island as a whole with the system of flight and array of props. More updates soon to come.

Home/Island Design

Resolved concept focusing on Volan's home, experimenting with some additional details over the base previs image. I distorted the proportions slightly to give a more quirky impression to the house overall.

Next, I will likely continue to develop the previs refining camera movement and specific elements, while also kick starting production with modelling.

Character 'Volan'

Here is the resolved design of Volan. Coming of age, he has adapted to the new conditions of the world and is determined to find signs of any other survivors. The style and aesthetic should be ideal for the whimsical tone of the piece, where I imagine finer details will be resolved when translating the design into a 3D space. Additional props include pouches, a compass, telescope and case.

Soon things will be moving into production as I wrap up the ends of preproduction.