Bruce Weight Lift

Here is the main animation exercise I had the chance to do at my time at Nexus - with my attempt to capture the good old weight lifting test with a small twist. Big thanks to Mark Davies and Michael Greenwood for all their help and feedback on this.

It may not be perfect with many parts that could do with some further refinements, but I’m pleased with what I’ve achieved so far as it’s come a long way from its first incarnations. I now feel much more confident in how to approach animation which will hopefully show in my future projects.


tutorphil said...


Was speaking today with JJ about your ideas for the story that might power your proposed collaboration... I like!

Leo said...

Cool, its still early days yet so we still have much to figure out :)

themaskedmenace said...

Brilliant work dude- real sense of weight there. I sent you an email, but wasn't sure where you'd check- so thought I'd hit you up on here as well. My friends were amazed by your video, you've come a long way!

Leo said...

Ah cheers man, much appreciated. Good to hear from you too. Just sent you a reply on your email so check it :P

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