The Wolves Within Project Proposal

With the foundations of The Wolves Within project firmly in place, here is the formal document of our project proposal.

The Wolves Within Project Proposal

Concept Shrine Environment #02

Second concept piece of the shrine.

To further suggest the transition into more man made influences as we arrive at the forefront of the human spirit, the environment is now more reflective of Native American influences with totem like elements. This also helps to distinguish the final confrontation with more significance.

Concept Shrine Environment #01

Concept piece of the shrine environment which holds the human spirit that the wolves seek to control. The presence of the wolves agitate the flames evoking the spiritual nature of the environment as the ruins resonate from within.

Rather than literal representations of Native American structures, I opted for more abtract/suggestive representations of rock-like material. However, this may need to be further resolved to suggest a more significant shift to a man-made environment. After some discussion with Jolanta, we have some fresh ideas to try at this key environment.

Some initial designs of the shrine


Life Drawing #16

Life drawing again with a male model. I think the plenty of 2 minute warm up drawings definitely helped further down the line with the later extended poses.

Good Wolf Concept #02

Another concept piece for the good wolf and his effect on the environment.

Moving away from the initial idea that the wolf brings life to the environment with elements such as plants and trees, the environment is now more consistent with the evil wolf with neutral rock type cliffs. Where the evil wolf brings chaos to the environment, the presence of the good wolf allows the rocks to form back into whole forms awakening the Native American markings in the process. In this way, the logic and design is also more consistent with the setting of inner space with other worldly elements.

Good Wolf Concept #01

Initial concepts for the good wolf. In contrast to the evil wolf, the later restores life to the surroundings with light and colour.

Looking back at the piece, the current setting of a forest now feels distracting and perhaps underwhelming to the idea of inner space that the wolves are racing through. Needless to say, I will be experimenting with some more concepts to resolve this one.

Life Drawing #15

More fun with Life Drawing with a few 2 minute poses and extended ones.

Evil Wolf Concept #01

Concept piece of Evil Wolf affecting the environment with destructive effects. At this stage, we are exploring concepts to try and capture the visual look and style of the project. It's an important stage of the project so feedback is most welcome!

Initial Environment/Character Designs

My initial musings for character and environments for The Wolves Within.

Playing around with some environment ideas with a few thumbnails. Mainly experimenting with the use of colour and effects of the good/evil wolf area, as well as the final goal of the human spirit.

Some initial sketches of wolf designs, contrasting the two wolves with different emphasis on the spine eg. tall and proud vs a hunching feral stance. They may be a little generic at the moment which I hope to resolve with further development.

Life Drawing #14

More life drawing this week - with some quick poses and extended pieces focusing on measurements and proportions.

The Wolves Within - Update #2

Exciting news with The Wolves Within project, as we have received some new voiceovers by Philip Banks and Jack Pernell. Big thanks to these guys!

Preview their narration below (be sure to play in 360p and above for better sound quality):

Philip Banks

Jack Parnell


With these new voiceovers, we experimented with them on our animatic as well as introducing a new ambient type track.

Philip Banks

Jack Pernell


Here is our most recent animatic with version #5. The narration is now delivered at the very beginning before joining the race between the two wolves, where now two background soundtracks are included for better pacing purposes; an initial track to set the tone and tension before the race, and a second track providing a build up in a pace and intensity before the final culmination at the end of the race.

Updated storyboard with our most recent changes to help keep track of things.

Life Drawing #13

Chilled out at the life drawing session with the first years earlier this week. It's been far too long since I last did life drawing, I'm afraid I may be a little rusty.