The Wolves Within - Update #2

Exciting news with The Wolves Within project, as we have received some new voiceovers by Philip Banks and Jack Pernell. Big thanks to these guys!

Preview their narration below (be sure to play in 360p and above for better sound quality):

Philip Banks

Jack Parnell


With these new voiceovers, we experimented with them on our animatic as well as introducing a new ambient type track.

Philip Banks

Jack Pernell


Here is our most recent animatic with version #5. The narration is now delivered at the very beginning before joining the race between the two wolves, where now two background soundtracks are included for better pacing purposes; an initial track to set the tone and tension before the race, and a second track providing a build up in a pace and intensity before the final culmination at the end of the race.

Updated storyboard with our most recent changes to help keep track of things.


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