Shrine Opening Test #2

Revisions to the shrine opening, with increased speed and acceleration. Still toying with the idea of the fade to black during the narrator's dialogue as you can see in the 4th variation.

Some minor tweaks to the positioning of the rock formations is needed to stop the slight 'popping' towards the end of the pull back.


Richard V-C said...

Hey Leo, i like number 4, alhough when the fade in jumps after 'the one you feed', i think you should fade in onto the camera moving already. Rather than fading in, still camera for a split second, then start moving. I think it will flow better.

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks for the feedback Rich - we actually had a fair bit of discussion over the shot, and while they both work in their own right, we may be leaning towards the 3rd shot to increase the sense of tension with the longer pause. The shrine dynamics itself will also intensify at the 'one you feed' so as to beckon the wolves towards the shrine as the camera pulls back.

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