Previs #2

New version of previs is up with the updated refinments to the environment. It may be a little rough in places as things are still in the works.

Once more, the aim is to capture a moment of flight of Volan and his island as he soars the skies. It relies much on tone and atmosphere which is slowly built up with the reveal of the island and the openness of sound.

The logic behind the camera movement is to follow the reaction of the island as Volan prepares the island to turn. As Volan pulls a lever the camera pans down to see the reaction of the movment of the chain(s), to the emission of the chimney and the turning wheels. We then make our way to the underside of the island to see the wings adjust their position accordingly to bank the island off into the distance.

There are a number of refinements to be had, but any feedback is much appreaciated!


tutorphil said...

Hey Leo - there's a really satisfying 'crunchiness' to the mechanism-factor here - it's convincing. I'd just suggest that maybe you need a bit more of an exaggerated movement for the wing adjustment; right now, their movement sort of blends with the camera movement - so that it's not entirely clear if it's the wing - or the camera creating the movement; a more obvious movement - perhaps a kind of release/drop/flap - repositioning might better signal things? It might not be logical, but I think something more sign-posted will help. I was also wondering if you could make a little more of your character - if you dropped the camera down from above as you're doing, but as it drops track the camera on a diagonal towards Volan's face - so we're moving down and moving towards him so that we get a better look at him (maybe you're being strategic and don't want a close-up?) and then, when he pulls the lever, we track out and drop down in a combined movement and things continue... But, more generally, the logic of the piece is much more satisfying now, but I would suggest that a little more exaggeration wouldn't go a miss, and this might include too the way in which the island banks - there's that scene in the early stages of UP!, when the house gets its sails up and really banks to one side in a dynamic arc, and while I know your moment is a more peaceful one - perhaps a bit more of a tilt/arc/bank might more effectively communicate the 'flightness' of your island?

Anyway - really looking forward to seeing this move into the final stages; you've been working really hard and it's all going to be worth it - so onwards, Leo - push it onwards - and don't forget a bit of razzle dazzle and showmanship. :)

Leo Tsang said...

Hi Phil, thanks for the feedback, I'll make those changes and get an updated previs up soon.
Oh and I think Volan's model will hold up for close ups, think I was just being a little passive with the camera.

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