Graduation and New Designers

My time on the course has come to an end - graduating with Bachelor of Arts (Hons) CG Arts and Animation First Class. I'm immensely proud of my time on the course being an enjoyable and satisfying journey. Three years ago, I never would of believed I could achieve something like this, but here I am today writing this post. But enough sentimental talk as there are a few final things to wrap up.

New Designers
Our New Designers stand was a great success with 5 screens playing our animations/showreels, 3 ever spinning zoetropes, a collection of exquisite making of books and sweet lollies. Needless to say, it made for a very busy stand and gathered a huge amount of interest, including those from various industry contacts which I hope we impressed.

I encourage you to find many more and professional photos here.

The zoetropes gathered a great deal of interest in themselves, so a big thank you is in order to senior lecturer Andy Stead for making them for us. Here I've managed to capture some of the zoetropes going round; with the Isle of Cirrus flying in the sky with clouds moving past and propellers spinning, to Charlotte's girl running with a hoop and Jordan's character turnaround model. Apologies for the poor picture quality but with any luck it should help communicate the sense of charm they had.

Overall, New Designers brought a nice sense of closure to my final year, where it felt wonderful to showcase my hard work for all to see. It was a busy and enjoyable week which will hopefully prove fruitful too.


So - what's next? Well, I think a well earned break is in order and then soon it will be time to look for jobs. In the mean time, I will be working on some personal projects to keep myself going where I'll most likely be starting a new blog too. But fear not, I intend to keep this blog alive and will post from time to time. Perhaps, it will help and inspire for years to come.

Either way, this is not a goodbye but a new beginning. My best wishes to everyone who graduated and the subsequent years on the course. You all know the drill - be amazing.


Jackie said...

Congratulations Leo, and all the best for the future!

tutorphil said...

lovely post, Leo - and yes, I'll be using this blog to inspire for years to come no doubt, so don't let the dust settle... Are you on Linkedin yet? Come find me on there if you're not :)

Leo Tsang said...

Thank you Jackie. And thanks Phil - I will add you on Linkedin too :)

Snowman said...

congrats dude

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