Short & Sweet 3D

Hope everyone's enjoying the summer so far! Recently, I went to the Short & Sweet 3D session at the Barbican on Friday evening. Host to the UK's very first stereoscopic short film festival! There was a great collection of short films on show, from narrative to experimental shorts that put 3D to good use.

It was certainly inspiring, so I've tried to find some for your viewing pleasure. If you have a pair of polarised red and blue glasses then put them on to enjoy 3D!

Tina Braun - Deconstruct

A stereoscopic film experimenting in how we perceive three dimensions. The footage is shot by one camera with one lens, where the depth is created afterwards.

Santiago Caicedo - Moving Still

Another stereoscopic experimentation viewing the world from a train window.

Red Star 3D Ben Smith - Dracula 4D (Trailer Only)

A CG animation utilising the benefits of 3D. The '4D' is there as it is meant to be played in theatres where the seats move about, with blasts of air an such to simulate the ride.

Unfortunately, I could only find the next two in 2D.

MIE - Faithless 'Not going home'

A funky music video using 3D for an enhanced sense of depth.

Bjork - "Wanderlust"

One of the first stereoscopic music videos, shot in 3D with a mix of live action, puppets, scale models and CG animation. Definitely my favourite of the night. The making of Wanderlust can be viewed here. Fascinating stuff - you can skip to the 3:18 mark if your more interested in the CGI.

Overall, it was a fun night out with hopefully more Short & Sweet 3D festivals to come!


tutorphil said...

ooh 3d stuff! :-) *reaches for his red & blue specs...*

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Thanks for sharing!

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