Summer Project: '1 Becomes 2'

For the summer, we have been given the opportunity to engage in a project and further our creative development. The project is very open as we are to respond imaginatively to an allocated 'soundscape', be it a full CG animation or something more specific such as a story or gaming concept with character and environment design. This can then be readied to be professionally printed as an 'Art of...' book. Most interestingly, the project is to be treated as a competition where entries will be judged by an outside panel and prizes can be won.

Its big, bold and exciting - so lets get the project underway!

The soundtrack I received is 'Soundscape 17':

The track is very evocative beginning with soft sounds of the eerie night, continuing with an ominous drumming that escalates to a crescendo of chanting and singing. Immediately, images of a tribal ritual dance come to mind with a wild and exotic nature. Yet, despite these initial impressions, I don't want to go for the obvious but rather try for something more inventive. As such, I hope to capture the spirit of the track with an inventive twist that remains fresh and appealing.

The main idea along this trail of thought is a microcosm where the remnants of mankind seems all but lost and forgotten. With a small tribe of humans reduced to a wild and natural state, they occasionally discover artefacts and technologies of humanities past such as a cassette player or set of keys. Although with no knowledge of what they are, they simply use them as little more than objects of jewellery or attire, where larger artefacts have become symbols of worship or reverence invoking such rituals as ascribed by the soundscape.

In this way, a creative twist can be applied to some everyday objects in a world where man has seemingly reverted back to a previous state. Nature rules once more as man has forgotten his past. Its a quirky idea but something I hope I can pursue and develop further.

While I may not specifically create a final CG animation, I intend to start by creating the building blocks of this world from character design and environments, which will involve drawing, concept art, modelling, texturing and most likely many more. This will certainly give me the opportunity to further develop and refine my techniques both creatively and technically.

Any suggestions or comments are most welcome.


tutorphil said...

ooh, Leo - so it begins! Also, the incoming students are starting to send me their new blog addresses - which means I'm sending them all the existing blogs so they can 'get in the game' - so expect new followers soon - make them feel welcome! Also, your blog is going to be linked to off the new look course page on the rebooted UCA webpage, so hey, the world is going to looking! :-)

Alan Postings said...

Please check out these links to see what I get up to during the summer...


Leo Tsang said...

Ok sure thing Phil, hope I can put on a good show!

And looks like you had a great time in America Alan, I'm jealous :P

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