Motion Blur + Depth of Field

Here we have explored the use of Motion blur and Depth of Field within Maya Software and Mental Ray.

Motion Blur

Motion blur can be useful in adding to the believability of movement as demonstrated with the jet planes below.

However, it can significantly increase render times and should thus only be used when appropriate to the scene. The image below demonstrates the difference between Maya Software motion blur to Mental Ray's motion blur, with the latter added another minute to fully render. Switching from 'Scanline' to 'Rapid Motion' (rasterizer) in Mental Ray can help reduce render time while keeping desirable results.

Depth of Field

Depth of field can be achieved with Maya's cameras to simulate real-world cameras in focusing on specific subjects. Again, this increases overall render time where Zdepth render layers could be used instead to simulate depth of field in compositing.


tutorphil said...

How's it going, Leo? How's Tribe 17? Got 'em dancing yet? :D

Leo Tsang said...

Hi Phil, been meaning to update with a post, but yes I've been making progress establishing my scene and blocking some first poses of animation. Exciting - but still in rough at the moment.

I've also been reading some useful articles on animation over at the 11 second club which I'll also make a post on -

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