Dawn of the Third Year

The third year is upon us! I'm delighted to say that I will be working with Jolanta Jasiulionyte for our first project of the third year. We've been discussing ideas and have settled on a Cherokee legend to transcibe from, forming our project title as 'The Wolves Within'. More on than that later as I intend to get a more detailed post going.

Over the summer, I've mainly been chipping away at the dissertation, getting to grips with some tutorials and software such as ZBrush, and generally enjoying my time off. I've made a few tweaks updating things here and there on the blog which I'll hope you approve of. Other than that, its time to get things going on here!


tutorphil said...

'Dawn of the 3rd Year' sounds like a retrofest title... Nice to have you back in the mix, Leo - and I look forward to seeing how your collaboration with Jola shapes up over the coming weeks. See you soon.

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks Phil, can't wait to get started :)

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