Render Stills

Some render stills of the Isle of Cirrus

The Isle of Cirrus - Final Animation

Here we are at last at the end of the final major project. I'm proud to present the Isle of Cirrus.

'Only fragments of land remain in a world that has been flooded. These lands are scarce, piloted by individuals over the inhospitable waters below.

Alone and isolated, Volan soars the skies in search for new land and life...'

Isle of Cirrus from Leo Tsang on Vimeo.

(View in 720p!)

The making/art of document for the Isle of Cirrus:

The Art of Isle of Cirrus by Leo Tsang

The current version of the Art of Isle of Cirrus will be updated at a later date.

CD and DVD label

Previs #3

A few problems caused the delay for this updated previs (I've actually gone through a number of them but this is the latest incarnation). Areas may still be a little rough in places but the goal of this previs is to focus mainly on the camera movement and animation.

*Smoke from the chimney should be white, and not black.

Notably, sound is needed to reinforce aspects of the animation with actions such as the wing pivoting into position. I'm also considering a soundtrack to compliment the animation, something akin to a soft intrumental piece to further establish the tone and atmosphere.

Isle of Cirrus Update

These are super busy times with only two weeks left in the project, so here's a quick update on things so far.

The environment has been steadily coming together with the textures finally in place. These are just some raw renders at the moment without the benefit of any passes.

Sample of some of the texture maps created for the scene (normal maps are also used)

Bringing Volan into the environment

Further experimenting with fluids for the clouds using two approaches.
Creating a large clould fluid can provide the background clouds to the scene, though I am concerned with the render time with the larger cloud bed image below taking up to 3-4 minutes. Although, such a large expanse as this may not be necessary with concerns to the framing of the shot camera.

'Cloud-bed' fluid

Using a combination of serveral smaller cloud fluids offers greater control and quicker render times, so perhaps the same can be used to create the background clouds. Otherwise, this method will be necessary for closer foreground clouds which will help to reveal the nature of the island.

Smaller 'single' use of cloud fluids (Low poly environment used)

Overall, most of the secondary animation elements such as the swaying of balloons is in place which I'll post in the form of a previs soon (along with the updated camera momvent), where I am continuing to refine the character animation and use of cloud fluids as remaining major elements.

Previs #2

New version of previs is up with the updated refinments to the environment. It may be a little rough in places as things are still in the works.

Once more, the aim is to capture a moment of flight of Volan and his island as he soars the skies. It relies much on tone and atmosphere which is slowly built up with the reveal of the island and the openness of sound.

The logic behind the camera movement is to follow the reaction of the island as Volan prepares the island to turn. As Volan pulls a lever the camera pans down to see the reaction of the movment of the chain(s), to the emission of the chimney and the turning wheels. We then make our way to the underside of the island to see the wings adjust their position accordingly to bank the island off into the distance.

There are a number of refinements to be had, but any feedback is much appreaciated!