Q Pootle 5 Episodes

Q Pootle 5 is here!

It's been a while, but I'm happy to say that some of the episodes I've worked on for QPootle 5 on the CBeebies channel are finally up on BBC iPlayer.

Catch them while you can before they're no longer avaliable!

The Eight-Eyed Thingy from Galaxy 7
Q Pootle 5 is called into action when Groobie sees something lurking in his store cupboard. Is it really an eight-eyed thingy, or just some hungry space mice?
- Some great horror-esque lighting here.

Strange Sounds In The Night
Q Pootle 5 and his friends have a camp out to discover what has been keeping Bud-D awake at night.
- Look out for the nightime shots in this one :)

The Cosmic Whipple
It is the day of the Cosmic Whipple. But, when Oopsy gets stranded it looks like she is going to miss the most wonderful light show in the whole galaxy.
- Spectacular effects and colours make this one of most visually rich episodes yet!

New episodes are out next this week on the CBeebies channel at 7:35am, or check back on BBC iPlayer for daily new episodes. You can also keep up to date with Q Pootle 5 on the facebook page here.

Oh and this is nice to see after all the hard work :)


tutorphil said...

whoop whoop! Could you do the honour of a duplicate CGAA Group blog post, Leo? Everyone will be excited to see this!

Leo Tsang said...

Done :)

Tyler Jordan Clark (TinkerTyler) said...

Wow, you are truly an amazing artist. Great job, I'm skimming through your gallery now. I definitely will be back!

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks for the kind comments Tyler :)

Added 'The Cosmic Whipple' episode to the mix - one of my favourites with its rich colours and effects. Don't miss out! :)

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