Boat Concept

Concept piece depicting the ruins of a large freighter type boat. The fact that a boat would lie in such a strange location further suggests the extreme changes the world has undertaken, as well as the conditions the band of humans must co-exist in.

Started with some rough thumbnails with this one, before quickly resolving colour and adding some finer details.


Tom Beg said...

Boat in a jungle? Reminds me of Fitzcarraldo! Utterly brilliant Werner Herzog film, go watch it!

Bob Sparks said...

ahhh man....i just listened to your've got it to a tee....i love your colour palette aswell...nice warmth...i know it might not fit in with your art direction...but would be cool to see you experiment with perhaps more colder tones...just to see how interesting it would look :)

Leo said...

Will try to check Fitzcarraldo out Tom :)

Thanks Bob, you raise a good point. Will experiment with some colder tones in the next piece, which will hopefully work well :)

tutorphil said...

Hey Leo,

I like the epic quality of this stranded ship - I wonder though, in terms of composition, if you could use perspective more dynamically - see below - iconic moment from Close Encounters of the Third Kind:

Leo said...

Ah indeed, perhaps I may revisit this concept at some point then.

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