Environment Thumbnails

Environment design is definitely something I want to improve upon with this project, so I've been checking out some tutorials and drawing techniques of late to help me refine this area. Here are some more thumbnails in developing further environments.

More to come.


tutorphil said...

Hey Leo, great to see some of your concept stuff come percolating through - it's kind of Lord of the Flies meets Planet of the Apes meets Lost... I like the idea of human detritus becoming totemic and worshipped - there's probably a timely criticism of capitalism to be incorporated here - rather like the zombies in George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead, in which the living dead can't help but descend on the shopping mall - driven my instinct to shop!

tutorphil said...

*driven by the instinct to shop*


Leo said...

Yep, hopefully I can really push this idea and explore it to its full potential.

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