'Chief' Character Concept

Here, I've taken some of my previous character thumbnails to develop further. I imagine the band of humans would naturally adopt a leader, perhaps something similar to that of a Chief type figure.

As the small band of humans discover objects of their forgotten past with a certain naivety, they begin to use what we consider everyday objects for a variety of different purposes. Here, I've made the Chief character use a lampshade as a hat, keys and coins as jewellery with watches worn on the legs, an umbrella as an ornate staff and a rug wrapped around as a cape. He also keeps a weapon and a cracked mirror which is considered precious to be able see ones' own reflection.

My main difficulty is in finding the right balance with the use of objects to make the character seem capable, and not completely ridiculous. They simply do not know what the objects are or what they were originally intended for, and thus use them differently. As such, its also fun yet challenging in finding these new perspectives of everyday objects.

Let me know what you think. Feedback most appreciated.


tutorphil said...

Incase you haven't visited this stuff already...



Also, be cautious - there is something inherently comedic about lampshades!




Bob Sparks said...

nice work man, love the tones used. you should check out uncharted to....has a simmilar richness

Sam Hayes said...

Looks great Leo! I imagine if you were to put him into 3D it would translate really well.

Leo said...

Ah Lord of the Flies, studied that book to death in school. The 1963 adaptation was a lot more faithful than the 1990 one as the later was all hollywoodised if I remember correctly. Haven't seen Mad Max but will check it out :)

Cheers Bob, hope the summer's been treating you well, hows things coming along on your end?

Thanks Sam, I may try some other designs before putting him through 3D. Your projects coming along very nicely btw, can't wait :D

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