'Tech Guy' Character Concept

A character concept of a sort of tech guy amongst the band of humans, one who is recognised to understand more of the old objects and artefacts they come across.

His clothes are well-worn and overused, with shoes in disrepair and overalls only kept together with an array patches taken from various clothing. Some objects include a collection of goggles he uses to analyse objects, a hammer tied to a cable which can be swung at great force, and an assortment of other objects he keeps in his pouch.


Bob Sparks said...

nice ma...im interested in where this is goin...how many more characters are you going to do?

Leo said...

Cheers bob, I think I'll introduce a female character to the group to practice some female designs next, and then I may stick with the three in order to focus on their designs rather than introducing many more.

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