Character Design Workshop #04

In this workshop, we began to look at the various objects and props of specific characters. Their object, be it a weapon or staff, often retains the same principles of shapes given to the characters. For example, in The Lord of the Rings, the wizard Gandalf wields a staff that is rounded with curves which creates a smooth elegant impression to reflect his nature of order and justice. Whereas the evil wizard Saruman wields a staff with many pointed triangular edges to reflect his disposition of towards power and chaos.

Effectively, the design of objects that a character wields or is associated with, must also be taken into consideration to further reinforce the nature of the character.

Later, we began to add character to a random selection of objects by manipulating the pre-existing shape of the object. In my case, the objects were associated to a living room, from a TV, couch, armchair, radio and speakers.


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