Character Design Workshop #02

In our second character design workshop, we began to look into the forms and shapes of characters in more detail.

Generally, circular shapes create the impression of friendly and safe characters. They can do no harm and are also associated with younger characters. Winnie the Pooh and Pixar's Russell are prime examples of this.

Square shapes can be used to give positive and strong characteristics to a character. With the hero Mr Incredible, the combination of square and circular forms create the impression of strength and heroism, whilst appearing warm and friendly.

Where triangular shapes are used to symbolise danger and evil, while emphasising their power. This is a common feature in Disney villains with sharp pointy silhouettes.

While these principles are often used, they can be combined, broken or adapted to suit different purposes. In the upcoming Dreamwork's film Megamind, the character of Megamind bears all the qualities of a traditional villain with a triangular sharp silhouette, yet he is ultimately ridiculed and powerless as comic relief becoming a parody of the traditional villain.

From this, we began designing a variety of henchmen for an imaginary villain from basic shapes and forms, including some non humanoid designs.


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