Despicable Me (2010)

Went to see 'Despicable Me' yesterday, a gem of a film that I thoroughly enjoyed. There are a number of CG films coming this fall, but Despicable Me stood out in particular with its intriguing setup and witty humour.

The plot involves supervillain Gru in his bid to establish himself as the number #1 villain by stealing the moon. When three three orphan girls become apart of his grand scheme, Gru finds that their innocent love is profoundly changing him.

An odd mix of characters work surprisingly well off each other with the imposing nature of Gru being completely disarmed by the young girls that is genuinely funny. The youngest of the orphans, Agnes, is definitely going to be a fan favourite with her infinite charm and innocence. While not forgetting Gru's minions, small, dedicated yellow creatures that bring Raving Rabbids style laughter aplenty (albeit minus the screaming).

From inflatable pyramids to cookie killer robots, the world of Despicable Me is fantastic with a quirky combination of ideas that all seemingly fit well together. The notable use of 3D is exploited to particularly great effect with scenes such as a roller-coaster ride becoming genuinely disorientating with the sense of speed and depth. As such, the bright and energetic presentation of Despicable Me is remarkably fun and refreshing.

Overall, Despicable Me straddles between action comedy and redemptive heart-puller. Where a few individual critics have felt that the film was overwrought with too conflicting many elements, I found the combination worked remarkably well in a thoroughly enjoyable way. As critic Rich Cline suggests, the film is a fantastic 'combination of deranged humour, nutty slapstick and cute sentimentality'. I heartily recommend this film for its fun and charming story, as well as being a great CG animation made by other than the CG giants of Pixar or Dreamworks.


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