KLED Animations Logo

Just wanted to update on the group project side of things, we've finally got the logo complete a few days back after some many revisions. Our studio name has changed to KLED Animations and we've updated the blog, so check it out and update your links to http://kled-animations.blogspot.com/.

The logo features our initials read as one word 'KLED', along with a fun astronaut character over the crescent of a moon to give the impression of a creative brand.

Here were some of the logo designs I contributed to the group.

Some of our previous designs, although competent, were simply too ambiguous to be recognised as a film/animation brand, becoming more like a product design label. Thus, changing the typography, the use of colour and the addition of a character helped to identify our logo as a creative, animation studio.


Baja said...

Hey Leo, I really like the new design logo it looks very professional. :-)

godwino said...

verey nice Leo! love the whole astronort thing with the giant leap! lol cleaver

Leo Tsang said...

Cheers guys :)

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