Nexus - Day 2

Continuing with some 3D Studio Max tutorials, I got round to finishing my toycar model; learning how to lay out UVs, texturing, lighting and rendering with Vray and HDR maps in Max. Again, its a similar process to Maya with things more or less hidden under different menus and commands. The Vray lighting system is certainly worth some more investigation as it produced some neat results even with my simple lighting setup.

The final render could do with some minor tweaks, though I'm pleased with the results so far. I ended up giving it a copper type texture where I tried to up the specular and bump settings for better results.


Moreover, I also got the chance to check out the workflow and structure of Nexus in how they manage and organise their range of projects across a vast network of computers. All in all, it stresses the importance of having naming conventions and sticking to a pipeline to ensure that projects run smoothly, as any number of projects could be going on simultaneously with several people working on each collaboratively. It sort of reminds me of our group project earlier on in the year, where specific attention was needed in simply organising a working structure that we all agreed to adhere to.


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