Nexus - Day 3

A small update at my day at Nexus - I've begun some work on some environments for an upcoming pitch, which I'm very excited about but unfortunately can't say too much on here.

Today also signals the end of the first week here at Nexus (cut short by the big royal day tomorrow). Its been a captivating week as I've met the team, familiarised myself at the studio and learnt some new software with 3D Studio Max. Its all still fresh and inspiring so far - where I can't wait to get stuck in in earnest with some meaty projects.

On a side note: You may want to be on the look out for 3D Artist magazine issue 28, as it features a double page article on the CG Arts & Animation course at UCA Rochester. It also features my Dark Carnival piece from the 1st year, along with some words I mention at the beginning of the second paragraph. Otherwise, there's some great stuff on the legendary Syd Mead too.


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