Nexus Productions - Work Placement

Nexus Productions is an independent Production and Animation Studio based in London. They work in a variety of fields from short films, commercials to interactive media; from which they have achieved world wide recognition in the form of an Oscar nominated short, Grammy nominated and MTV Award winning music videos, Cannes Grand Prix, Gold Lions, and Black D&AD pencil winning commercials.

Here are a few examples of their work.

Muffin Man
A fully animated spot taking the viewer through the runaway expansion of a muffin making business from a small stall to international franchise. This was actually shown to us last year when Mark Davies came to give a talk.

Mr Long Legs
A feel-good spot for Royal Bank of Canada, which follows Mr Long Legs as he takes his kids on an adventure around the World.

The Girl Effect
Some 2D stuff, this short takes us on the journey of a 12 year-old girl to escape poverty, exploitation and the risk of AIDS/HIV, to build a better future for herself and future generations. The Girl Effect is the potential of 600 million adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves and the world.

The Tale of the Three Brothers (Harry Potter)
Film & TV
Inspired by oriental shadow puppetry, the captivating sequence visually narrates Hermione's story about three wizard brothers who try to outwit Death. I believe Nexus prodimantly worked on the 'second brother's tale' of the scene.

Browser Pong

I also wanted to show some of the interactive pieces that Nexus does, as I was shown a great example the other day. The only one I can find at the moment, is Browser Pong which simulates a game of pong played with your very own browser windows. You can try it out right now after the jump, otherwise, watch the video example - in fact I recommend both as there are some neat little tricks you can do for some kicks and giggles.

Play Browser Pong!
Watch the video demonstration here

Hope you've enjoyed this brief look at Nexus Productions!


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