Nexus - Week 3

This week at Nexus has been an interesting one as a variety of pitches have come and go. Its an interesting dynamic between directors and studio members, as while the directors lead the 'vision' so to speak, everything else is a constant collaboration between directors and studio members in order to create the best, creative designs and solutions possible.

While things are still a little quiet on the live project side of things, I've been spending most of my time with some animation exercises using some of the Nexus characters and rigs. Often I'll show my progress to some of the animators around the studio who are able to give me some invaluable feedback on my work. Its all very encouraging as I'm learning a lot of the process of animating which would have taken me a lot longer to learn otherwise. I can't quite post my progress on here yet as I'm using some Nexus characters, but hopefully there will be a workaround to this at a later point.

A group of us had a little field trip to a mo-cap studio this week, which unfortunately wasn't quite finish to say the least, but interesting nonetheless to see the potential workspace. I also met a bunch of people working in the industry as we went out for some drinks one evening. The people there came from a range of fields who had either worked at Nexus at some point or were simply friends of Nexus - so it was great making contacts with people and talking about their experiences in the industry.

The end of this week brings me past the mid-way point in my work experience, with 2 weeks left at Nexus!


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