Nexus - Week 4

An update from my fourth week at Nexus!

As I have continued with my animation exercise earlier this week, I've been fortunate enough to be getting some great feedback from animator Michael Greenwood, giving me quick lessons and pointers that would have taken much longer for me to figure out myself. While I still have much to learn, I've certainly feel a lot more confident in approaching animation in a CG world. Its a challenging process that cannot be rushed, requiring much feedback and perseverance that will make the hours fly by, but its also one of the most rewarding experiences you could ever achieve once things fall in place.

Michael has worked on a variety of projects with some wonderful examples of animation, so be sure to check his work out on his site. Here is a commercial for 'TNT Post' that Michael was the lead on.

Another CG artist who I work with at the studio is Florian Caspar, who is working on a potential high-profile project that is also very exciting. Check out Florian's impressive showreel below, and also a fun twist to presenting a character turnaround.

This CG character didn’t anticipate his turn around!

Otherwise, I have also been working collaboratively for another upcoming pitch, building models and props to populate the environment. The project has an intriguing concept and art direction that brings a different approach to modelling - so some exciting stuff at it begins to gather pace into my fifth and final week here at Nexus.


tutorphil said...

Sounds as if you're having a 'golden' time, Leo. Great! :D

Leo Tsang said...

Yep, I'm certainly enjoying myself! :)

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