Character 'Volan' Initial Ideas #01

Initial ideas with the character design of Volan. As before: My initial thoughts for Volan is to be of a 'coming of age' male, reflective of a pioneering spirit. Originally a farmer, he had a variety of tools and equipment at his disposal to adapt to the flooded world. But now alone and isolated, he roams the skies in search for land and signs of any other survivors.

I've experimented with a range of different ideas to help determine the best direction to pursue. It's a bit tricky finding the right level of stylisation, as in some cases, it gives a strong youthful impression which will need to be balanced.

They are by no means final designs with their clothing or faces, but a manner of getting ideas down on paper and start determining elements that work. As such, I've picked out the ideas that seem to work the most. It feels that these ideas work better with their stylised proportions and various details with straps and pouches.

With this in mind, I will try to combine the successful elements of these initial ideas to progress with more resolved designs.


Richard V-C said...

On the second sheet, i like the second one in, and the third in terms of his equipment.

tutorphil said...

on the first sheet, I like the 4th in from the left (top row) and the 3rd in from the left (bottom row).

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll see what I can do!

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