Idea Development

After some welcome feedback, the scope of the project has developed in a way that should be much more manageable.

The idea and context of the piece persists, where now the final outcome of the project will be to create a short scene of the animation (akin to an animated still image) capturing a moment of flight of the protagonist and his island. This may involve a single camera movement slowly revealing elements of the animated image to suggest the narrative of the piece.

This breaks down the main challenges of the project to:
  • Character
  • Environment Home/Island
  • Animation of flight (secondary objects)

In this way, the narrative is found within the image, rather than told as a grand structured narrative as a whole. More time can also be dedicated into strengthening the design and the animation as a whole.

I'll organise a formal project proposal soon enough, while continuing to get things moving with research and references.


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