Home/Island Ideas #02

Some more development with Volan's home and island. These early sketches attempt to capture the idea that the home has been adapted and modified to expand the space of the house and power the flight of the island.

While the earlier idea of having a ring of propellers built into the island remains an interesting concept, I felt it would be too impractical to the island as a whole.

From the two more refined designs below, I am leaning towards the designs found in house B, with its practicality and overall form. A small number of gears protrude from the left side of the house to power the propeller below, where Volan can use the roof balcony to search the skies.

Applying the house design to the island below, the large balloons maintain the lift of the island where the propeller and rudders provide the forward momentum, turning and pitch capabilities respectively. The island is further shaped in an arch fashion so as to further amplify the force of wind through the propeller. Some ideas to items and props around the island include; an area for growing vegetables, fishing rods on the edge of the island, an array of buckets to collect rain water, as well as crates and barrels for storing food and materials.

To wrap up this post, a point of reference to the eccentric nature of the house and island is similar to the themes found in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968). Check out the video below with the opening scene of the house, and around the 3:30 mark with the variety of quirky contraptions.


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