Storyboard + Previs

After putting ideas together as a quick storyboard, I went straight ahead to put the piece together as an initial previs, particularly in the light that it would be difficult to convey the clear camera movement that is needed within a 2D animatic. As such, we are presented with a moment of flight with Volan and his island as he searches and soars the skies.

The piece relies much on tone and atmosphere which is slowly built up with the reveal of the island and the openness of sound. These initial sound effects and camera movements will undoubtedly go through further refinements, but they begin to capture the right tonality of the piece that I am trying to convey.

Building a quick mockup of the home and island has helped to resolve and generate new ideas to the piece and designs as a whole. I am eager to resolve these elements with the character of Volan being of next priority.


tutorphil said...

Hey Leo,

You know, I think you need more stuff to 'clutter' the scene in terms of having things to move past as the camera travels backwards; a sense of space and distance is best created when you've got occluded views - when you're looking past/through things, so it just seems if you had more balloons etc or windmills or streamers or similar for the camera to pull back through, not only would you add some additional interest to this shot (which it needs I think as we move further away from the house), but you'd also 'sell' the three-dimensionality of the experience.

Leo Tsang said...

Hi Phil, I agree that it will need more objects to maintain the sense of space as well as interest. I'm also aware that it needs something greater to suggest the cause in the change in movement, akin to 'raising the sail' sort of thing when the island banks.

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