The Art of 'Soundscape 17'

My art book for the summer project '1 Becomes 2' arrived earlier this week from I'm very pleased with the quality where the book turned out pretty much exactly how I designed it. Its a lovely feeling to hold work you've created entirely digitally on the screen of a monitor, into a physical copy such as a book.

Some images and even a video(!) for your viewing pleasure.

There's three levels of shipping from Economic (~£5), Priority (~£10) and Express (~£20). I ordered mine on priority shipping on a Sunday evening and received it the following week on Monday. In total, my book (which is a Standard Landscape Softcover type with 48 pages), came to £25. However, I found a promotional discount code on google and manage to get £5 off - so in all it came to £20.

For more info, hit where there's a simple introductory video on the process of designing your book. In short however, you create a blurb account, download and install their software 'Blurb Booksmart', design your book in Booksmart and hit Order Book when your ready to publish.

Its fairly straightforward, but it does take time when designing your book so keep that in mind if your working to a deadline.


JOLANTA said...

let me repeat myself, looks awesom! :D

Simon (calamity) Holland said...

Looks lovely Leo, I can't wait to see it in the flesh.

Jackie said...

This looks fantastic Leo! :)

Leo said...

Thanks guys, I handed it in so you can find it down in the base room.

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