Character Design Workshop #06

In our latest workshop, we looked at how stereotypes can help define and add further dimension to a given character. This can immediately communicate the demeanour of the character and strengthen the believability of a character as a whole. While characters don't necessarily have to follow a stereotype, it is certainly something to be aware of in order to avoid misinterpretations. As such, reference imagery becomes vital in capturing stereotypes as well as designing different and unique designs.

With a random given theme, we had to create characters that matched a stereotype while being unique from each other as possible. In this case, I had the theme of Knights where I tried to create different characters as distinct and different from each other as possible, while capturing the design of a knight, from height, shape and details in clothing.

We also covered the importance of character silhouettes, where characters that are instantly recognisable from silhouette form alone prove to be the strongest designs that are both iconic and interesting. This is something that must always be taken into consideration when designing characters.


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