KLED Animations Update

Just wanted to give an update over at KLED Animations. We're finishing up on Pre-Production and beginning the Production stages of the pipeline.

The proposed synoposis of our B-movie trailer:

The Day Of The Chainsaw Wielding Baby From The Centre Of The Earth

A top secret government research facility located in the centre of the Earth, becomes the root of a close guarded secret and its escape to the planets surface. The secret, known as ‘Project 6’, is an entirely synthesised baby bred to be the perfect killing machine. However, Project 6 escapes his incubation pod before fully maturing and makes a break for the surface. Alone and confused, Project 6 unleashes terror upon the unsuspecting citizens of suburban America, using his innate ability to transform his arm into a Chainsaw.

The secret government group attempt to find and return their work by any means necessary. Will Project 6 ever be free and have a real life, or will he be forced back into a cage?

Refined storyboard as shown in our Pre-Production pitch.

Our animatic showing the proposal for our trailer.

One of my primary roles on the team is to produce concept art to help visualise our trailer. A key environment included an underground laboratory where I've tried to capture an iconic scene of a baby growing in a tube/pod.

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The elevator becomes the baby's means of escape to the surface. Initially, we thought of a old rustic sort of elevator for further atmosphere under the depths of Earth. Yet in light of the overall aesthetic, perhaps the simpler round elevator would work better particularly when rising to the surface in a comedic manner.

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Other environments included a park where the baby will rise to the surface, to a town where the baby will begin his reign of terror. The bright and colourful aesthetic of the surface world helps provide a comedic touch with the very nature of our narrative, as well as give a strong contrast to the foreign world of the laboratory.

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I hope to post more frequent updates here on the progress of KLED Animations, otherwise follow our studio blog directly at http://kled-animations.blogspot.com/.


Unknown said...


This is an amazing work.

I was wondering if I can use one of your photos for my band new EP cover jacket (of course we are going to credit you where ever that artwork mentioned)
I can share with you the current artwork and your photo contribution in it.

if you would like please contact us at afterfall.jp@gmail.com


After Fall / Absy

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