Character Design Workshop #08

A slightly different setup in this weeks character design workshop, in small groups, we were to act as a studio and develop character designs for a client's proposed animated TV show, Jetpack Jones. Together, we had to produce 6 final characters designs in 2 hours, fitting the required elements of the brief and synopsis of the show. My group was formed by Ruben, Godwin and myself, where the three of us decided to work on 2 characters each whilst providing regular feedback to each others' designs to ensure they would fit together in the same world.

The two characters I focused on were:

Boltz - A Medical droid who has developed personality quirks from several datacore meltdowns. A later client change included an extra mechanical arm (which unfortunately did not get time to add). Final design is the smaller design on the right.

Ariana - A beautiful, mysterious, secretive, deadly and seductive woman who is secretly working with the villain Dr. Zantius Kromozone. A later client change included an aquatic, underwater background. Final design is also the furthest on the right.

You can find a better look on the other characters; tomboy mechanic Tessa Brainstorm and hulking genetic dinosaur henchman Grok over at Ruben's blog, as well as the hero Jetpack Jones and villain Dr. Zantius Kromozone at Godwin's blog (soon to come).

With all our characters designed, we drew up each side by side for a scale comparison.

Left to right: Boltz, Tessa, Jones, Dr Kromozone, Ariana and Gork who would be the largest (not pictured here).

Finally, we had to pitch our designs to our client (Justin Wyatt), where we received some positive feedback along with some suggested tweaks to the designs that perhaps a client would find necessary.

In all, it was fun change to the usual character design workshops, requiring us to work as a group quickly and efficiently to form character designs with a client/studio scenario, where I can give my thumbs up to Ruben and Godwin for a job well done.


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