Character Design Workshop #09

In our last character workshop, we took a brief look into environments and how their similarly reflect and share the same principles as a character design. The Lord of the Rings becomes a great example of this, with the dwarven culture and architecture running through their designs; from the strong square columns and grand architecture, to the functional and robust weapons and armour of the character of Gimli with his helm and axe. Notice that the intricate inscriptions are also consistent in both character and environment to further establish a coherent world between the two.

With this in mind, we were given a random environment to design with a specific flavour. The theme I was given was a tricky one, a Primitive Starship. The main idea I had in mind was to avoid elegant shapes by using square and irregular forms.

Justin further suggested adapting a pre-existing form of technology to imply the primitive nature of the starship, such as modern day shuttles requiring huge rocket engines to launch into space. This is something I will definitely keep in mind when faced with future design challenges.


Jon Stewart said...

Looking at your ship concept art takes me back to my second year. You share a similar drawing style to Pol Winandy. Keep it up, it looks very good.

Leo Tsang said...

Some good memories I hope :) Intriguing to know that you find my drawings similar to Pol!

Jon Stewart said...

More or less good memories mate! Heh.

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