'Chief' Character Concept #2

I felt a redesign for the Chief character was in order as in hindsight; I'm not quite satisfied with the previous design perhaps feeling too comical. The new design hopefully rectifies this being less restrictive with the use of real world objects for more freedom to create a more interesting design.

He now adorns a battle body plate with shoulder guards refitted from scrap materials, as well as wielding a former garden tool re-purposed as an intimidating weapon. I kept the use of a cape aesthetic (perhaps once originally a curtain material) to maintain his higher sense of stature and social status, along with the boots despite being well worn and full of holes, as the surviving humans exist in a world where footwear has become a precious commodity.


Bob Sparks said...

hey man....i must say this ones come along way, this one I prefer, he looks more battle ready? if thats the look you were going for...I like the transition of the robe/cape, nice touch!

I know this might not fit in with the praticality of your characters in this world, and but maybe some more transformed items that act as 'jewellery' could help seperate the ranking class between your characters a bit more? the hat/lampshade was a good move!

Leo said...

Thanks Bob, yeah I wanted the chief to have more of a purpose almost like the protector of the clan. Ah forgot about the jewellery, looking back on it now I think it could help. Cheers for the feedback, will work it in at some point.

Kin said...
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