Second Year Beginnings

Its been a while again since my last post, but yes its the start of the second year here at CG Arts & Animation officially since Monday 20th. I must say, things are shaping up to be as busy and as exciting as ever, with two simultaneous projects working along side each other, along with a third theory project for good measure. That's three layers of projects to contend with!

More on that later, for now I just want to wrap things up left off from the Summer Project. I was able to produce a few more concept pieces before finally designing and ordering the 'Art of' book for the project, which should hopefully arrive sometime next week.

I redesigned the Tech Guy character (renamed him as Wise One), as he felt a little too capable and detached from the others as a whole. The new design captures the slightly mad and inquisitive nature of the character, with oversized flip-flops and an amassed a collection of trinkets.

The last piece I did began to capture the ritual element of the soundscape. I wanted to give a mystical quality to the scene, so I experimented with elements such as a limited colour palette with tonal values rising from the tree to create a dramatic glowing effect, casting the gathering figures in darkness.

To be honest, I did not get to do as much as I originally intended for the project, although I am satisfied to an extent with what I produced, I wanted to explore so much more. Perhaps I may return to the project at some point, although now its time to move on and get cracking with the second year.

Wish me luck!


Bob Sparks said...

wow.....must say, that landscape...really different from your other stuff man.....real nice depth and colour pallete :)

Leo said...

I hope you mean different in a good way :) but thanks, was experimenting with different stuff and came out with this.

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