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Finished reading 'Bad Kids Go To Hell', big thanks to Matthew Spradlin for the comic (and Alan for carrying them all the way from America!).

The premise of Bad Kids Go To Hell is similar to that of The Breakfast Club (1985) where a group of dysfunctional high school students spend a Saturday in detention at their school, in this case, at Crestview Academy. However, visions of ghosts and rumours of the curse of Crestview Academy take hold as the kids soon discover the building therein was once a native burial ground. One by one they fall victim to seemingly super-natural causes, or is there something more sinister in the works?

I loved the artwork being fresh and vibrant that remained appealing throughout. I also found the character designs great; sure they're a cast of typical school stereotypes but they play on the story well enough - not to mention they look fantastic. Dialogue is also spot on with witty banter that is neither too abrupt or particularly long winded.

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My one little peeve to an otherwise great story, was that I wasn't quite convinced about Dr Day and Kelly/Veronica's motivations to conjure such a plan and why they would be in cahoots. I can perhaps see Kelly's possible desire to reek a sense of justice on the four characters Megan, Tarek, Craig and Tricia as they exhibit a negative persona, although I find Day's sense of motivation a bit lacking particularly if it was simply for the money. Maybe I'm reading into it too much (or missing something entirely), but it was a small blip I could not quite fathom.

As a side note, the story ends up taking the route of a B-style horror movie, which is all fine and dandy. Though I think the initial premise had a great setup for a true Horror story, which could also have been interesting to explore.

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I understand a film adaptation is in the works, so it will be interesting to see how well it translates into a live action movie. Overall, Bad Kids Go To Hell was a great read which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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Matt has read you review. Thanks Leo

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No problem Alan :)

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BKGTH was a fantastic read, and im even more excited about the movie!
Plz check out my review on Bad Kids and tell me what you think :)

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