Unit 2 - Character Design

The second project we have to contend with individually is a 10 week project on Character Design. The premise for this project is that an eighties Saturday cartoon series is being rebooted, requiring Character Designs and an Animation Bible for three of the shows main characters - a Hero, Villain and Sidekick.

The theme of our eighties cartoon show is again given by random by the draw of the cards - literally in this case. Draw two cards from the deck and refer to the legend to see our corresponding theme. I drew the 3 of Diamonds and 9 of Clubs.

...which effectively gave me Soldiers/Cyborgs.

We did this in this way, as typically cartoons of the 1980s comprised of multiple genres or a ‘mash up’ of ideas such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, incorporating a random mix of themes from mutants, ninjas and turtles into one happy mix that children can enjoy.

This project's primary focus is in traditional drawing skills, so digital designs are not essential at this point. Their may be an opportunity to visit a character in CG or as a digital painting at some point, although this is will likely be towards the end.


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