Unit 1 - Narrative: Retro-Fest

Our first project titled, Narrative: Retro-Fest, is actually a group project where we must produce a short animated trailer of a maximum of 2 minutes, based on a random retro movie title dealt by the draw of cards. Interestingly, our group has to function with a studio mentality in mind by delegating roles and tasks while developing a studio brand and identity in order to promote ourselves.

The members of my group are:

Dan Bright - http://dbrightba.blogspot.com/
Kin Chan - http://kinseye.blogspot.com/
Elliot Mcgregor - http://ellymcgregor.blogspot.com/

...and the title for our retro movie trailer is:

Day of the Chainsaw Wielding Baby from the Centre of Earth

Indeed, its a crazy title that should prove to be fun and interesting with its potential possibilities. Another interesting thing to note, is that potential awards are up for grabs in respective categories such as Best Editing, Best Character or Best Art Direction. Simply put, its a fun incentive to achieve the best we can in this project and to be formally recognised as such for doing well in a particular area.

With my group, we've establish a group blog to centralise our project work, so feel free to check it out at:


Our studio name derives from our initials, but you can find out more about that over at the group blog. I've also added a link up top on this blog for easy access.


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