Influence Map

With the theme of Soldier/Cyborgs, the two are a natural combination that has been well traversed in a variety of mediums. Thus, the difficultly for me will be ensuring that my character designs remain distinct and unique from the many established concepts of soldier/cyborgs.

Breaking down the two words, the word Soldiers undoubtedly implies the setting of my cartoon show to be of conflict and war. Whereas the actual definition of Cyborgs suggests a person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device. This presents the interesting combination of man and technology, where technology is used to enhance the individuals prowess in combat by improving their skills or by granting new abilities altogether.

Here is an influence map to gather a range of reference material for this project.

The images focus on the idea of cybernetic technology enhancing the soldier, whether replacing an arm or limb entirely, or as a extension of oneself as a large robotic form. Evidently, the theme of soldiers and cyborgs can work across a wide range of audiences from children's shows/games such as Astroboy and Megaman, to mature teens with anime series Ghost in the Shell and upcoming game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and with films such as Terminator and Iron Man for adults.

Establishing the world of our given cartoon show will be key in order to draw and develop unique ideas from. I am yet to develop this world although with some initial ideas, I intend to keep most of the heros' humanity intact with a human form and face so the audience can identify with him/her. Where in stark contrast, the villain will be overwhelmed with technology to the point where he has seemingly lost his humanity. I'm not too sure about the sidekick yet, though perhaps it can be a small robotic figure to aid the hero or conversely 'aid' in the villain in a useless comedic way.

Hopefully, I can start to get some designs up as well as develop the world of my given cartoon show.


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