Junk Silhouette Designs

With the world of my animation revolving around a junkyard, it makes natural sense that the design and aesthetic should similarly be inspired by junk. Thus, as suggested by tutor Alan, I have taken a range of reference images of junk and cutout individual parts/objects for a range of intriguing forms and shapes.

I've then combined the forms together to create silhouette designs of the possible type of characters in the animation.

This approach has produced some intriguing designs which is leading me to consider the possibility of having the characters be made entirely of objects of junk, rather than be human in form and figure. Where their construction would also affect their performance in the way they move.


Bob Sparks said...

love it man! I was told to take this direction aswell, but wasnt sure how it was going to pan out...but seeing these I think I will...look great :)

Paul Lemarquis said...

Cool stuff

JOLANTA said...

first in second sheet and first in third sheet are my favourite :)

tutorphil said...

Really exciting developments, Leo - I get a real buzz from these.

sheet 1 = 1st
sheet 2 = 2nd
sheet 3 = 1st

Go, Leo - keep this project motoring...

anewman said...

sheet 1 = 1st
sheet 2 = 1st
sheet 3 = 3d
Young, old and evil.

Exciting project!

Leo said...

Thanks guys, really encouraging :) Hope to flesh these out soon enough.

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