Revised Transcription Idea

The transition project is a prime opportunity to experiment and explore specific areas of the pipeline further before the start of the third and final year. As such, it came to my attention that the act of animating itself is an area I have not had much time to fully explore or develop on, often becoming the last area of focus. Thus, I aim to use this project to concentrate on the process of animation, leaving areas such as environments as a lesser concern in order to maximise my time animating.

My revised idea for this project is to transcribe the original sound piece from the earlier summer project 'Soundscape 17', creating a concentrated character performance animated short. As the track is a lengthy 5 minutes, I will most likely take a segment of the track to animate to.

The performance I have in mind is a ritual type dance matching the tone and rhythm of the track. Where there will be a central figure of focus, perhaps there is also an opportunity to have some extras with repeated movements in the background. The context of my designs will stem from my original idea I had from the soundtrack; with an apocalyptic world consisting of a dehumanised population reduced to a tribe like community, where various junk and technology are used as masks or idols. In my mind, the ritual dance takes place in a junk yard around a central totem made from the scrap, though I would form the environment with a minimalistic approach if I do decide to include an environment for the space the figure(s) to move in, so as to focus on the animation itself.

I feel there are several ways I can approach this, where most of the answers will come once I begin to design the various elements.


Aj said...

Have to say very interesting track leo, major part of it is a hindu worship chant in Sanskrit. :)

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