Tribe Silhouette Designs

With a concentrated character performance, the designs of my characters will have to work on a number of levels from visual appeal to practicality when animating. First however, I have experimented with a range of character shapes and proportions forming various silhouette designs.

The main feature in the designs is the mask which can be varied to give the illusion of several characters.

The designs with extraggerated proportions are notably working better, particularly the 2nd of 3rd designs of page 1, as well as the designs on the third page.


tutorphil said...

Hi Leo - yes, the characters on the 3rd sheet are immediately more interesting: I especially like the long-masked, skinny guy - you can just see how his body is going to move.

There's something about your proposed scene that keeps reminding me of this scene from The Lion King:

Something about the long shadows and very theatrical approach to strong foreground shapes, monochromatic colour etc. I think you should certainly approach your scene as a choreographer would approach a specific scene in a musical - with the editing, animation and shot choice all channelling the music very closely.

Leo said...

Thanks Phil, yes thats the way I intend to approach this piece. That Lion King scene rekindled some childhood memories :)

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