Junkyard Concept

Although environments are not not the main focus for this project, it would be ideal to have a concept piece to follow when constructing the scene. Thus, here is concept piece of the junkyard where the members of Tribe 17 will perform.

I am yet to fully determine the context within the animation, which I have had a number of talks with Alan. In general, the members of Tribe 17 are performing a ritual of sorts to make 'B' or perhaps 'C' happen. So in this idea, the Tribe's ritual movements involve operating a pile driver machine; by pounding the various bits of junk (in time with the drumming of the soundpiece) they create sparks to attract fireflies, which in turn they use to power and store within themselves. As such, I tried to capture a mystical tone to the piece above as it involves a circle/cycle with machine and nature. It may be a quirky premise and may need some tweaking to give me more opportunities to animate, but I'm eager to hear any thoughts or feedback on the idea.


tutorphil said...

I like your premise - it marries something sci-fi, with something fairy-storyish; so tribe 17 create sparks, to attract a swarm of fireflies that are then used to power-up their totem, which in turn, disseminates power to the tribe - a little bit like the final scene in The Dark Crystal?


Does this mean, alongside everything else you've got to make, you'll be dealing with dynamics too?

Leo Tsang said...

Yes the premise is along those lines. Though, I was thinking the tribe actually place the fireflies inside themselves to give them life, in the areas such as the chest with the broken lantern or head/stomach in the others - rather than in the totem.

I would imagine I would have to delve into dynamics for the sparks and fireflies, or the fireflies can be done manually for better control. Actually - perhaps the same effect could be achieved in After Effects with some tinkering, though I would have to try some tests first. I like to think I can make it happen, but I don't want to be biting off more than I can chew - so its something that may need some more considering.

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