District 9

With all the buzz and talk of District 9, I had to go see it for myself. And I was pleasantly impressed, finding it entertaining, thought provoking and quite simply brilliant. Perhaps the best film this year.

The scene is set with the arrival of an extraterrestrial race of alien refugees who are forced into slums to live in areas controlled by humans, with tension mounting on both sides. Initially being shot in a documentry style with similar camera work to that of Cloverfield sets the tone of a world that is not too far from our own, which we are taken for a ride in and will keep you guessing to the end. Despite treading some familiar ground at places, the film treats them with an edge of unpredictability that does not feel swept up or laboured with.

The CG work was very impressive feeling believable and not excessively over the top. Where the character design of the aliens or 'prawns' felt unique and seem to fit in an odd sort of way without being cliche.

District 9 hits the two hour mark and while it may not be everyone's film, (perhaps even a little absurd at times with some alien and human interaction shots), I myself thoroughly enjoyed it and heartily recommend it to anyone willing to be engrossed in an engaging plot executed quite brilliantly.


Hades said...

Nicely said leo, I also thought the film was awesome.
There's definately gonna be a sequel.:)

Leo said...

Thanks Jonny, I wonder at which direction they would choose to take it as they are a number of possibilities that would give the film a completely different tone. I just hope they can keep the same high standard they have shown so far.

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