Summer Project

Here are my designs for the summer project, in which we had to use a set of predetermined objects as inspiration to come up with some unique concepts of a structure, life form and machine. I later decided to mount my final designs having picked up some cheap foam boards two for the price of one at Hobbycraft!

The objects in question:

Reconnaissance Vehicle
As a reconnaissance vehicle, the characteristics of this vehicle follows a light-weight streamlined design to focusing on speed and mobility, with a notable lack of weaponry. It is dual-piloted by an aviator and navigator for maximum efficiency. I used Adobe Photoshop to realise the final design.

This design came from adding a range of different characteristics and features to single object to form an interesting silhouette from a top-down position, before re-imagining the design as a whole from various angles.

I am pleased with the design feeling it captures an intriguing form with some depth and substance.

Life Form
An extraterrestrial life form capable of telepathy. The idea came from a rather peculiar object exaggerating certain details with the creases of the forehead.

Admittedly, I found the creating a new unique life form the hardest. Perhaps this is due to the lack of organic objects tending to lead my designs in a more machine and structure direction. I also found my numerous attempts at life forms looking far too cartoonish and cliche without a defined sense of anatomy. Out of the three, I'm not so pleased with this result as as I feel it lacks originality and some purpose.


An industrial structure powered by steam to extract raw materials. Cog-wheels turn at a 90 degree angle to rotate the drill piece. It can raise and lower at any time to adjust to various surfaces, as well as allow personnel to inspect the inside machinery located top central part. Note the small door to emphasise a sense of scale.

I had fun with this concept designing and figuring out how certain aspects would work in the design as a whole. I tried to have a sense of realitism in the design as I feel that if a concept could look like it could function in the real world, it can help flesh out the design as a whole adding more depth and substance, and ultimately, making it much more appealing and believable.
*Oh Life Form and Extractor designswere made with pen and alcohol based makers Letraset and Kurecolour for definition and tone.

Feel free to leave your comments here, with constructive criticism being most welcome.


tutorphil said...

Hi Leo,

Apologies for singling you out yesterday; I remember your portfolio well from your interview and I'm very pleased you're going to be working with us over the next three years! You are clearly a talented and conscientious individual and I'm already expecting great things from you - hah! No pressure; I'm certain your blog will be a delight - keep it fresh, dynamic and updated; I look forward to learning more about the things that make you tick... have fun :-)

tutorphil said...

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Leo Tsang said...

Ah thats ok, thanks for the kind comments - I just hope I can live up to your high expectations now!

Mores blogs added to the list :)

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