Life Drawing #1

It was our first Life Drawing session today, which I most enjoyed. There's something about life drawing that I am most fond of where one can quietly study the human form and express oneself in capturing the essence of the human figure. As I have come to learn through experience, it is probably the best way in improving your drawing technique not only in in terms of anatomy in proportion and composition, but also your confidence and ability in mark making.

It can take some time getting used to but stick with it - persevere and you'll find yourself enjoying the moment and later be amazed at your own improvements in no time.

Normal studies

Straight-line studies

I am pleased with my results today. I found adjusting to the restricted use of straight lines difficult at first as I didn't quite capture it in my first attempt, but am pleased with my second attempt as I feel it captures the form well in rather than focusing on details.

I look forward to seeing other people's results, as well as next life drawing class.


anewman said...

I like your drawings, they look cool.
Could you please send me my works - anyway I need to post my shame in block :) Thank you.

Leo Tsang said...

There is no shame to be had, life drawing takes some time adjusting to. I just sent the email so let me know if you recieved it :)

anewman said...

Thank you, I recieved them.

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