Pair of Dice

Today I managed to complete the Maya workshop tutorial creating a pair of dice.

Initially, I worked with Farideh with this workshop tutorial. All was well until we stumbled upon a problem when UV Texture mapping which continuously refused to map correctly despite our best efforts. Small but detrimental - we had to call it a day. Later after some mulling on my own, I have found out it was due to a hiccup in scaling and extruding the selected faces that must of confused the automatic mapping.

Despite the earlier hiccup, I must say, it wasn't all too bad at with the great steps laid out by Alan. It marks a first milestone for me as it is my first piece in Maya, and I feel I am getting to grips with the daunting interface navigating my way around Maya. They may only be basic steps, but I believe they will serve me well in the first stepping stones in Maya.

These are the results of my own later attempt in Maya.

I have to show you where we went wrong last time Farideh!


anewman said...

Can you please explain how did you solve a problem with automatic mapping in details ?
After I extrude ( click on edit mech - extrude, click on the cube at the end of the arrow, again edit mech - extrude,... ) it does not make correct map. I just cannot figure out what I did wrong =\

Leo Tsang said...

Yeah I think the problem is when extruding the faces. You got most of it right, though think you may be missing a step somewhere. Try this in this order, it did the trick for me:

1. With faces selected, click edit mesh - extrude
2. Then on the 3 arrow scale axis, click on one of the cubes at the end of the arrow
3. The centre cube will change slightly. Now click and drag on the centre cube in the middle of the arrows to scale the face accordingly.
4. Click edit mesh and extrude again as before. You will also need to move the Z axis in slightly the second time.

This way, it should make the correct uv map.

Hope this helps, if not poke me sometime when we're on the computers and I can try show you.

Anonymous said...

good maya tutorial

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